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“When you wear your intention or mantra, you are closer to manifesting the life you want to live”

Gemlet was founded in 2017 by Michelle who was traveling in Taiwan. She was inspired by the beautiful semi-precious gemstones her grandparents were sourcing and cutting and started creating her own bracelet designs using those high-quality stones available to her. Raised from a Buddhist family and background, her mother had always used a Mala in her prayers and meditations. She would use them to count mantras and as a tactile guide as she sits in peace. Her inspiration came from combining the sacrality of malas and the unique healing properties and intentions of each crystals to create a line of chic jewelry that is both accessible and affordable.

In this hyper-“connected” world we live in, sometimes a tactile or visual reminder is what’s need to pause, reflect and reset so that we can return to the present moment. Gemlet jewelry serves as that reminder, to carry you through the good, the not-so-good and all the celebrations in life. 

Because she carefully selects gemstones and unique materials by hand, Michelle’s work reflects her unparalleled aesthetic and skilled eye. Her pieces are all hand-crafted and one-of-a-kind, and as unique as the individual who wears them. 

Based in Toronto, and still sourcing these beautiful natural semi-precious gemstones from Taiwan, Gemlet has been recognized for both the quality and the beauty of work. Our mission is to use our creative and intuitive design process to curate beautiful jewelry with meaning. Learn more about the intentions of each one-of-a-kind Gemlet to serves as a gentle reminder of the qualities you wish to manifest in your life.


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