Communication & Harmony Gemlet

  • $39.99

Sodalite is the stone of communication. If you have problems communicating and speaking your true thoughts sodalite can aid you in that regard. Sodalite enables you to speak your truth confidently allowing you to be heard by others. Communication is also about choosing the right way to express yourself in a manner that works not only for you but for the people around you.

Sodalite has a rich blue tone which has been desired by people for centuries. In 1891 Sodalite was found in Canada! Sometimes referred to as Princess Blue because the discovery occurred at the same time the royal family came to Canada.

  • Strung on PowerCord elastic - latex free
  • All metal charms are 24K gold plated or sterling silver plated
  • Beads are 10mm
  • Choose your own charm!

**Due to the nature of gemstones, the gemstones will not exactly like the ones in the picture. The charms are based on what we have available in our current collection**